The initial funding mechanism is initially only via the UDV donation process. The funding and amount will be published, and the funders will be publicly acknowledged (no anonymous donors).

There should be no expectations of returns from the UDV donation process, except that the donations and donors will be acknowledged on a timely basis.

Funding History

  1. The Interchain Foundation has donated to the UDV donation process. The exact amounts will be disclosed soon. TODO: publish link to ICF URL & pubkey.

Funding Requirements

Donations may not be enough to accomplish what is needed.

There may need to be a securities or bond offerings in the future. However, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • With the aid of qualified cryptographers, economists, sociologists, and developers, a framework for calculating a responsible set of limitations on funding (such as total amount raised), to account for needs of the greater ecosystem and to prevent unwanted global systemic effects, and to reduce waste.

  • All previous contributions including those of software designs, protocols, implements, justifications, documentations, and of funding, should be taken into account in an incentive scheme that would attract any speculative investors, approved by an impartial committee designed to enforce the first criteria above, and to enforce fairness.