The United DAOs of Virgo

The United DAOs of Virgo (UDV) is a DAO. It is connected to many other associated DAOs.

UDV Composition

The United DAOs of Virgo is itself a DAO that is associated with many sovereign member DAOs, making a complex web of associations.

Each of these DAOs are said to conform to the United DAOs Protocols for interoperability.

United DAOs Protocol

A DAO conforming to the United DAOs Protocols have the following components:

  • Executive (optional)

  • Board (optional)

  • Owners

  • Court (optional)

  • Treasury (optional)

  • Directory

    • "/README" - information about the DAO.
    • "/BOARD" - information about the board & executive(s).
    • "/LAWS" - specification of DAO composition, such as the composition of the Board (if any), or how the BYLAWS are updated.
    • "/BYLAWS" - rules that apply to the board members, executives, and owners, and are interpreted by the court.
    • "/COMMITTEES" - lightweight DAOs associated by name.
    • "/OWNERS" - privacy preserving information about real persons or entities that have collective control over this DAO.
    • "/MISSION" - the mission of the DAO.

Owners are natural persons or entities (such as a corporation or a DAO like the Cosmos Hub), and ownership can be weighted differently or equally (democratic). The Board and Executive are also composed of natural persons or entities. Members of the Board or Executive each get 1 vote in their respective groups.

The Executive is composed of 1, 2, or 3 members. The Board and Owners may be composed of any number of members.

Membership of the Board and Executive must conform to the Board Spec which determines the number of seats and composition of each.

NOTE: In the UDV (which is itself a DAO), the real-person owners across the DAOs and sub-DAOs are de-duplicated according to the laws of UDV Citizenship, and are collectively called the Citizens of the UDV.

United DAOs Protocol: Decision Making

Decisions are made by the passage of Proposals.

In principle, the Executive makes day-to-day decisions, which can be overridden by the Board based on time restrictions and veto mechanisms. Likewise, the Owners can override the Executive and Board. Generally, the Executive and Board, if present, serve the Owners of the DAO.

Board and Executive membership updates are also decided by the passage of Proposals.

The Court (sometimes a reference to an external DAO) has veto power over the passage of Proposals.

The proposal process and/or the Court (or the membership of the Court) are partially controlled by a liquid and direct democracy voting system of the Owners.

NOTE: The UDV has Citizens instead of Owners. The UDV Supreme Court as well as the UDV proposal process are partially controlled by the Citizens of the UDV.

UDV Core Bodies

These member DAOs of the UDV are core to the composition of the UDV.

  • Virgo Finance (TODO)
    • Virgo Cash Committee (TODO)
    • Virgo Exchange Committee (TODO)
    • Virgo Custody Committee (TODO)
    • Virgo Regulations Committee (TODO)
    • Virgo Scaling and Interop Committee (TODO)
    • Virgo Economics Committee (TODO)
  • Virgo Internet (TODO)
  • Virgo Software (TODO)
  • Virgo Devices (TODO)
  • Virgo Crypto (TODO)
  • Virgo Environment (TODO)
  • Virgo Humanities (TODO)
  • Virgo Space (TODO)
  • Virgo Research (TODO)
  • UDV Congress
    • UDV DAO Senate (TODO)
    • UDV Citizens (TODO)
  • Virgo Supreme Court (TODO)
  • Virgo Services

UDV Congress

The UDV Congress is composed of member DAOs called State DAOs, and a citizenry composed of the members of the State DAOs of the UDV Congress.

NOTE no representation without taxation. TODO define default tax interface for senate member DAOs.

UDV Citizens

The UDV Congress and associated member DAOs defines a citizenry of the UDV.

Each DAOs is responsible for maintaining the privacy of its members, if any.

The UDV DAO Congress is responsible for ensuring that one natural person gets one vote.

Virgo Services

Virgo Services is a DAO that provides services to the community. One such service is offered by, which hosts community forums.

NOTE: Assets like domain names and any physical assets are held by external entities, with at least reputation at stake, but often tokens as well.

NOTE: here are some communities to be funded by Virgo Services:

  • Virgo/OpenLibra
  • Orion (TODO)
  • IBC Working Group (TODO)
  • Tendermint Working Group (TODO)

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