Dither is an uncensorable social network built on top of blockchain technology. Dither messsages are replicated permanently across hundreds of highly secure servers around the world, providing a globally-accessible free speech platform for everyone. We aim to provide user-friendly interfaces for the web, iOS, and Android.

Dither on GitHub

Open Hardware

Virgo is designing and producing a line of secure open source hardware products. We will start with a minimal hardware security module (HSM). We'll work towards more performant and complex systems, culminating in a single board computer (SBC) similar to the popular Raspberry Pi.

Hardware on GitHub

Virgo Cash

Virgo Cash is an open protocol for regulation-compliant cryptocurrency. We aim to enable permissionless blockchain technology to thrive in the tightly regulated financial services sector. The primary mission of Virgo Cash is to bridge decentralized financial systems (like Cosmos) with regulated financial systems (fiat currencies).

Cash on GitHub